Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wool Strawberry Tutorial

Here is the tutorial for the strawberries I posted about earlier. I hope you enjoy it! Please let me know if you have any questions or if something doesn't make sense.

Materials Needed:
Red wool or red wool felt
Green wool or green wool felt
Green embroidery floss that goes nicely with the green wool
Yellow embroidery floss (for the strawberry "seeds")
Sewing Machine or red thread for hand sewing the strawberries

Cut rectangles or squares in roughly the size that you want your strawberries.
I like my strawberries to vary in size just like they do in nature so I keep that in mind as I cut.
Most squares average around 2 1/2" by 1 1/2". 

I then cut a strawberry shape out.
Some I cut the long way, like above, and others I cut the short way.
That way I am getting a nice variety of shapes.

The next step is sewing the strawberry.
It you have a right and wrong side to your  wool or a side you like better,
put the good or right sides together so you are sewing on the wrong side.
Sew around three sides of the strawberry leaving the top open with enough room to turn it right side out.
Once they are sewn, turn them right side out using a pencil, knitting needle or crochet hook (or whatever works for you) to get all the ends out.

After you have them all turned right side out it is time to add the yellow seeds.
I embroider them haphazardly around the strawberry on both sides.
After all of the strawberries are "seeded" stuff them all compactly with stuffing.
Now it is time for the caps.
I start once again by cutting squares of fabric.
I then free-hand cut strawberry top shapes.
The shapes will alter as you sew them on the strawberry so there is no need to be exact .
I just make sure each has 6 points as those above.
Now for my favorite stage! I LOVE adding the little caps to the strawberries.
I start by sewing up the strawberry
(it is ok to use the green embroidery floss for this as this seam will be covered by the "cap").
Once the seam is closed up I position the "cap" so that it is covering the seam and start by hand-sewing down the strawberry top. I then embroider down each leaf and using a running stitch (I think that is what it is called) and as you pull a little on the thread you will see that you get little lifts and curls to some of your leaves giving them a more realistic look.
And you are done! Please enjoy!

*For personal or gift use only. Please don't sell strawberries made from this tutorial. Thank you!!!

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