Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Blessings and peace on this holiday of thanks!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

As We Speak...

...our first snow of the year is falling outside and our first winter weather alert has been posted. Glad to be tucked in warm here at home. Now off to cook some supper and do a little sewing. Maybe even have a glass of my favorite local wine.

A Handmade Update At Etsy

I just added a bunch of handmades to my Etsy shop so stop on by if you have a chance. He are just a few...

Lilac Travel Sewing Case

A Chef In The Making

My 4 year old LOVES to cook. If someone is in the kitchen it is a for sure that he is right there at their side assisting in anyway he can. I, of course, love to encourage this love in any way I can so a little mommy mades will be making an appearance for him for Christmas. More on those later...

My little chef...

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Christmas Stockings Off To One Of The Shops

Last weekend I completed a rather fun little project. My mother-in-law had a piece of an old Native American blanket that she gave me to see if I wanted to turn it into something. I most definately did! The minute I saw it I thought it would make the most wonderful Christmas stockings. With a little cutting and sewing and a little vintage glitz (those stars are actually vintage aluminum Christmas candle reflectors for Christmas trees-I just added a vintage button in the center where the candle would go to finish them out). I think they turned out great and are now at Yesterday's Antiques in Alexandria, MN. I will also be sharing this post at  my mother-in-laws new blog.

If you are interested in purchasing these just leave me a comment and I can give you more details. Thank you!

Sweater # 2 Complete!

I finally finished my second Wallaby sweater for my 4 year old. This time he decided he wanted the hood so I added it back in unlike the last one where I omitted it and added a collar (I swear I posted about that one but now can't find it - will add a pic of it later...). I did make the hood a little too big but he likes it just fine. I also cheated and did a simple cast off  to sinch up the top of the hood instead of the kitchener stitch. I still have yet to conquer that fear...

No matter...this little man LOVES wearing his mama made sweaters (unlike my 10 year old) and has already ordered a blue one and a yellow one :)!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Etsy Update!

Just added some new vintage items to Etsy as well as a few more handmades. Here are a few - take a peak (just click on the pic to link to the image in Etsy)!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

And A Few More From This Summer...

Butterfly In Flight

Everything But The Kitchen Sink
(Love this retro fabric - estate sale find!)
Fruit And Swirls Revisited (SOLD)

Omar Flour Bag (Above and Below)

 Blue Carnations Bag

Pretty Poppies - SOLD


Ladybugs & Lace - SOLD


Another little adventure - "Tweedy Birds" - "Gentleman Bird"
"Banker Bird"


One of my fabric bags to date.

Made from an old fabric calendar. Will definately be doing this again. Such fun to make!


More Bags And A New Outlet

It has been a busy fall but now that football has wrapped up and hunting season is starting to wind down hopefully I will find time to stop back here more regularly and update on what we are doing as a family. In the meantime, here are some more bags I have made over the last month or two. These can be found at either Exit 55 Antiques in Fergus Falls, MN or my new outlet, The Olde Farmhouse in Ashby, MN. If you are interested in any of them let me know and if they are still available I will set it aside for you! Thank you for stopping by!

Hubbard's Sunshine Bag made with a vintage feed sack and a upcycled pillow sham. Trimmed with vintage lace.

Portage Salt Bag made with a vintage salt bag, vintage floral feedsack and doilies, yoyos and a vintage button to trim.


Butterfly In The Garden Bag made from a vintage feed sack, vintage fabric and doilies and vintage buttons as trim.

  Geese In Flight Bag made from vintage bark cloth (I want more of this!!!), a vintage linen towel and a little vintage lace as trim.

 Pelican In The Desert Bag made from a vintage linen towel, vintage gingham, a bit of vintage floral feed sack and a little vintage rick rack as trim.

Superior Salt Bag made using a vintage salt bag, green and white gingham and a vintage doilies and buttons for trim.

 Fruit On Parade Bag made from a vintage line towel and blue and white gingham. Inside pocket trimmed with a little vintage lace.
Crescent Salt Bag made from a vintage salt sack, a black and white gingham apron and vintage doilies and buttons for trim.