Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Images From The Shore

To celebrate the end of the school year my family, Mom and Dad, brother and his family and the four of us, headed to the North Shore, which is actually the eastern edge of Lake Superior in northern Minnesota. We stayed at a resort on the water and, overall, had a wonderful time! We plan on making this a yearly excursion! 

Here are just a few images from our long weekend...

There were Luna Moths on the outside of the lodge. Very cool!

Also very "cool"! My eldest (and later his cousin joined him) waded out into
freezing Lake Superior to stand on this massive boulder.

Cairns left by previous beach combers.
A favorite past time of Lake Superior visitors is rock hunting - for agates in particular.
The prize agate proved elusive this trip. There is always next year!

The oldest and the youngest of my parents grandchildren. I love this picture!
Rock hunting!

Minnesota's state flower - the Showy Lady Slipper! Surrounded by a bed of white trillium's.
Found blooming at Cascade State Park.

A rainbow in the spray at Cascade.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Final Days Of Elementary

These final days of May and first days of June are a little bittersweet for me. They mark the end of my oldest's elementary school days So much is going on right now. His final Track & Field Day was Friday and we couldn't have asked for a better day! A perfect Minnesota Spring day!

He cleared it with room to spare!
The final art projects are coming home, final tests being taken and a group of parents (me included) have been planning their Last Day Of School send-off  -  a Moving On Party! Hard to believe my baby is going to Middle School next year! Over the last few months we have really seen him showing signs of growing up and maturing. His confidence and self esteem are blooming and I am just so proud of the young man he is becoming!

One of my favorite art projects! A cardboard collage. Very cool!

These days also mark another kind of closure. This is the final week where I will have a little one home with me.  Next year the Little is off to start his elementary career. So the bittersweetness is two-fold. This mama can't help but feel a little adrift with the changes that are going on as my boys continue to grow up right before my very eyes. I am so proud to be their mama and I am so blessed to have been chosen to hold their hands and watch them as they negotiate this amazing journey.

Goose Lake Winery Market Round 2

Not alot of changes to the booth.

Today marked my second go at the Goose Lake Winery Artisan & Farmer's Market. Another great day! Quite a few more vendors have been added - I think there were 14 of us today - selling a wide variety of goods - fabulous people too! So welcoming and friendly! And the locale really can't be beat! So relaxing sitting and listening to the sounds of the farm. A great way to spend the day!

Still trying to come up with the best way to display my bags - if any one has any suggestions please let me know! Thank you!

My purchases from the day! I could have bought so much more...

A sweet card for my sister-in-law -
bought from the wonderful Lisa who has been an amazing mentor as I get going in this new business venture.

My second purchase from a fellow church member, Beth. She is an amazing potter with a wonderful selection! Someday the one of her fish plates will be coming home with me...

A gorgeous basil plant from Will Heal Farms. So healthy and a more robust variety than you usually find.
Really looking forward to tomato, mozzarella and basil salad now!
Hope to add to my holistic medicine cabinet next trip with one of their salves and a lip balm.

A fabulous "not just for salads" dressing from Parey Farm.
I am excited for my husband to give it a whirl as a marinade for a smoked turkey!
Next purchase from them - their "Cajeta Sauce". Like caramel but SO much better!

Also taste tested a delicious cinnamon roll from one of the two bakers there! Will be back in two weeks with more homemade and homegrown goodness to share from Goose Lake Winery!

(Stop on by their Facebook page and keep an eye on the goings-on!)

2012 Camping Trip #1

Once again it has been a bit since I have been in this space. So much going on right now. I hope to update at least once a week through the summer...that is my goal.

The "Red Solo Cup" Golf Cart! A crowd favorite!
We took our first camping trip of the season over Memorial Day weekend. We haven't camped that weekend in years but we had a good time! A couple bumps but over all a good time. We camped with three other families and there was lots of good campfire cooking, lots of good chatter and even a little karaoke thrown in for the kiddos. There was even a golf cart parade where they through candy to the kids! Highlight of the weekend (besides the great company!) - the pie iron Rachel Sandwiches and dutch oven peach cobbler! To die for! Permanent fixtures on the camping menu!

Potato and veggie packets over the fire! Nummy!

Deep fried turkey!