Thursday, June 27, 2013

Thrift Finds - Week Of June 24

Garage sales are a little different with a 6 year old and/or 12 year old in tow. I end up with more stuff that takes longer to leave my house but they both have a good eye. This weeks finds for the boys included a couple things on their lists...a catchers mitt (worth $75 that I paid $8 for) and a soccer ball (.50). A video game, books and Zoobles rounded out their purchases.

Here are some others that I was rather excited about...

My 6 year old spotted this awesome handmade paddlebat. We live just a mile from the Mississippi where these kinds of boats still travel. A fabulous find! Gonna be hard to get it out of the house :). It was unpriced so my little man took it upon himself to inquire as to the price. They sold it to him for a song.
A totem pole decanter from the Black Hills.
A black metal tole painted tissue box cover and a metal stand.
A aqua blue wood box and a metal colander.
Cookie cutters.

My little dude came up to me with this and I just had to buy it. It is Swedish and reads "Linnea" which is the name we had picked out for him if he was a girl. It is already hanging on the wall!

Still in the back of the truck is an old sewing maching cabinet. No machine but the cast base in great condition and the drawers all still there. I will piece it out to sell.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Thrift Finds

Went out to some sales today with my mom and the Little and scored a few fun things.

A great horse embroidery! This will be going with me to market on Saturday and if it doesn't sell it will be going to the little shop my friend runs on his horse farm. How perfect!

A great vintage towel with a hand embroidered pan, spoon and shrooms! Not sure if this is going to a shop or if I am going to list it on Etsy.

A vintage pink plastic dresser tray and a metal collapsible collander. The collander would make a great piece of garden art - looks like a sunflower!

I just sold one of these! It is Westmoreland glass and has dogwood blossoms around it. Love it!

A fabulous old square pottery lamp with a tree design on two of the sides. Has a great small drum shade to go with it. Gonna be hard to part with this one!

A bookshelf bookend. Just one but cute all the same! May save this for a "cozy up" display this fall.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Garden Happenings

Freezing rhubarb.
Camera hound!
Our new pergola. We are spending lots of time in this spot.
After a VERY long winter which ran into our spring, we finally our having spring....when we should be having summer...oh well. With lots of rain and cloudy days we recently have had a few peeks of sun...just enough to get the garden in and work on other yard projects. I even did the first preserving of the season - freezing rhubarb. Yeah! The camper also got cleaned and we had our first camping trip of the season. Now it may be time to break out the dehydrator and dry some herbs...the thyme and oregano look fabulous!

These strawberries are now covered with white blossoms. Hoping for a great strawberry season!

Big News Coming!

This Wednesday there is big happenings in the world of Remnants By Carrie!

Here is a hint....

Stay tuned for the big announcement!