Monday, February 20, 2012

The Weeks Finds...

This week there was a trip to Goodwill and an estate sale.

The trip to Goodwill was on 50% off day and yielded two lovely half aprons. They are both gingham with chicken scratch embroidery. 

The estate sale didn't have a ton that was up my alley but I did find a few things. Among them...
A vintage plastic Christmas ornament - found in the kitchen tools bin interestingly enough.

Wool crewel yarn. Ten cents a hank. Can't wait to put these to use.

A vintage Nancy Drew book.

Packaging for shipping out orders. I LOVE finding things like this at estate sales! 

Also found were some vintage metal fencing, two metal shelf brackets, a mini wooden handled screwdriver, a little ruler with advertising and some mini pink plastic handled hors dourves forks. Total cost at the estate sale: $12.75.


  1. Replies
    1. I had seen them the week before but wasn't willing to pay what they were asking. Half price though - definately! So far no sales listed for this coming weekend and I am sad. What to do?!