Saturday, July 28, 2012

Market Day!

Today was another good day at the Goose Lake Winery Artisan & Farmer's Market! I have such fun going there!

I had a whirlwind sewing day on Friday so that I would have some new bags to bring and here they are...
A Western King flour bag with a blue and white gingham lining. My friend Zane (another vendor at the market) requested that I make some bags that would appeal to men so I did! Zane liked this one so much that he bought it! Thank you Zane!  I made three for the market two weeks ago and they all sold too (scroll to end of post for a few pictures of those)! 

A great bag aimed at the younger set. Features a vintage dresser linen with a horse and colt fabric-markered one half of the linen is on the front and the other half is the inside pocket. The striped fabric was once a pillowcase and the inside lining is a great piece of blue and pink remnant calico.

The embroidery on this one was one of four embroidered corners on an old tablecloth. Their were stains and holes all over but I was able to salvage all four  corners to use in my bags. The first is the lemon corner, complimented by a great gray and yellow vintage feedsack. The inside is some black and white gingham and a plain white flour sack.

Another Hubbard bag - this one featuring a menagerie of farm animals. The colors are nice and bright. What I love about these Hubbard bags is that the front and back are identical so I can get two bags from one sack. The inside of this one is a great bright yellow and white gingham. The outside is decorated with a vintage doily (covering a spot that was faded).

The last bag from one of my favorite tableclothes of all time! The bright pink poppies and olive green foliage are a fabulous color combination! I kept this one simple and didn't add any lace or doilies. I wanted the poppies to speak for themselves. The lining is my favorite olive green and white vintage gingham. I am at the tale end of this fabulous fabric and hope I find some more again someday!

And two bags from my previous batch...
A great bag using ultra-suede and an old banker's bag. The lining is a great ethnic inspired vintage print.
This one sold today! (Thanks Todd!)

One of the bags from two weeks ago. An Oneida feed sack with a red and white gingham lining. It sold it's first day out too! (Thanks Zane :) -!) 

Where Has The Time Gone!

I feel like I am sprinting at a amazing pace and yet not getting any one thing done to where I feel like I have accomplished something. The house is a mess, I have loads of laundry and work to do, baseball season will end just as football begins and our busiest month of the summer is just ahead of us. Whew!

Last weekend we went camping and had a wonderful time at a small town festival with friends. Nothing like home grown, homemade food, a small town parade, a tractor pull and great company!

A small town parade is not complete without a vintage fire truck...

or a gopher (at least in Minnesota - we are the Gopher State after all)

A small town parade must have a tractor (or 10)!

And looks of awe on a child's face (or maybe that's the 10 pieces of candy talking).

The kids at work shucking corn. They had a blast throwing the husks at each other.

 And a little time was saved for a little R&R at the pond. Way too much fun (and food) was had!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Another Batch Of Bags Previewed At Last Week's Market

I am really having such fun at my machine. Here are pictures of the bags I previewed at last week's Goose Lake Artisan & Farmer's Market.
My Pretty Tulips On Parade bag! Created from a vintage tulip covered feed sack for the exterior and a vintage embroidered  towel for the inside. Trimmed with my signature coordinating yo-yos and vintage buttons.

Daffodils! Created from another vintage feed sack for the outside a pretty blue and
white sprigged repurposed fabric  for the lining.
Trimmed with a vintage doily, yo-yo and vintage button.
SOLD the first day out!
A great bag made using a pink carnation covered fabric I found at a farm sale. Topped with a salvaged piece of vintage embroidery (the other half is the inside pocket). The center of the embroidery had holes and stains so this was a great way to save someone's long ago hard hand work and give it new life. The inside is lined with a pink and white gingham.

Poppies! I love this bag! It was created from an old tablecloth (I have enough for one more bag),
vintage lace and vintage olive green and white gingham.
This one SOLD to the first day it was out! Yeah!

Another bag created using a piece of embroidery that had holes or stains that I was able to work around. The cute yellow butterfly is accompanied by three vintage yellow buttons, one of which is covering a mended little hole. The rest of the bag is made from vintage blue and white gingham and a fabulous blue and yellow flower sprigged calico. I wish I had more of this one! The pocket is created from a piece of the gingham where someone started to do chicken scratch embroidery but never finished. I love these little pieces of history where I am giving past new life.

Another Hubbard Sunshine bag. My first one sold so I decided another one was in order using the other half of the feed sack. These sacks are awesome because the exact same image is on both sides and they are large bags so I get two bags from each feed sack. The lining is an old green tablecloth and the pocket and part of the straps are a repurposed Laura Ashley pillow sham I found at an estate sale. Trimmed with two small vintage doilies.

My visitor through most of last Saturday's market. My mom made me take a picture because at home I work with a yellow lab at my feet and this guy decided I needed him to keep me company...laying at my feet.

I have 5 more bags already made to be previewed this week! Four of them made with men in mind.  One of them is a new design involving an old canvas money bag and ultrasuede. Very cool!
Stop by and take a peak! I will be taking photos at the market and will share them here next week.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Having Great Fun At The Sewing Machine!

I have been sewing so much this summer and am enjoying every minute I spend at my machine! Lots of bags being made and currently am working on some "dog show" pouches (more on those later) and an insulated lunch bag made vintage fabrics. Having "sew" much fun!

Here are some pics of some of my most recent bags. Yet to come are the bags I made and photographed last week. I also have 4 more finished this week that I will take pictures of on Saturday at the market.

A vintage Minneapolis Pillsbury flour sack.  Lined with a remaining bit of my favorite red daisy feedsack and some baby blue gingham. Decorated with coordinating yo-yos and vintage buttons on the front and a vintage doily and coordinating yo-yo and vintage button on the back. One of my favorite bags that I have made! And it sold the first day I had it at market!

My handbag style tote using a great piece of  vintage pastel floral fabric. Lined with yellow and white gingham. Trimmed with coordinating yo-yos and vintage buttons. 

Another of my handbag style totes. I made this one using a fabric from a 1970s tablecloth! Love it! Lined with green and white striped fabric. Trimmed with coordinating yo-yos and vintage buttons. 

A longer version of my handbag style bag. Made from vintage green and white gingham and the remaining bit of another favorite feedsack, violets. Trimmed with a vintage doily.

All photos were taken at the extremely photogenic Goose Lake Winery in Nowthen, MN.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Thrifting Finds - Last Week Of June

Despite the heat we did make it to a few sales on Wednesday and Thursday and found a few things. But Friday morning, before leaving for up north, I set out on my own and had WONDERFUL luck!

A Frankoma boot bank, crystal salt cellars and a great peach print were among last week's finds. 
I also found a couple vintage BHG books - gardening and handyman's guide.
I also found a nice milk-glass basket.

1970s yellow and gold pottery serving dishes and clown head cake decorations were snagged for a song. Can't wait to list the clowns on Etsy and the pottery will be a fall addition at Clear Lake.

This fabulous blue numbered pot is I think an unsigned McCoy. Going to hold on to it until I know more. The glaze reminds me of Van Briggle....

Just a week ago while perusing Ebay I discovered "sewing birds" and thought I really needed to look for one. Not a week later, while leaving a sale, I spotted this guy! The trifting god's were smiling on me! There is a hole for the scissors on the head so the blades form the beak and the handle a crest. Spools make a tale. Too cool! He will be staying at my house for awhile!

A great cow print! Not sure if I am going to sell it or hang it in my kitchen :)!

A fabulous vintage vinyl purse that will be on it's way to The Weekend Cottage in Clear Lake.

My mom found these fabulous German coaster yodelers! Love them!

A couple vintage linens - the morning glory has stains so is destined to be a bag while the deer tablecloth is in very nice condition and may make it's way to Etsy...we shall see.
Goal for this week - find some nice small furniture pieces. The three pieces I brought to Clear Lake a week ago already sold! Yeah!