Monday, April 25, 2011

Monday - Weekly To-Do-List

I have been failing miserably lately in accomplishing things that I need to get done. When I worked outside the home I always had a running list on my desk of what I needed to get done and crossed things off as they were completed. SO - I am going to try something similar here. Each Monday I am going to post myself a check off list. Then, on Sunday, I am going to cross off what actually got accomplished. So, this week's list:

1. Complete Feed Sack Bag for MIL (stereotype for shop fodder)
2. Clean out Little's dresser in preparation for seasonal clothing change
3. Plant potatoes and onions
4. Rake out back garden bed
5. Complete 1 project from UFO pile
6. Make jam/jelly from remainder of last year's berries
7. Clean linen closet


After a cloudy and rainy week Easter Sunday dawned sunny and warm. Such a perfect day. My mom hosted this year as she often does and we had a wonderful day. The kids had an Easter Egg Hunt which left the kids with enough candy to last awhile. We all ate a wonderful meal prepared by Mom with contributions from myself, my sister-in-law and my niece. We wrapped the day up with a game of Scrabble for a few, naps for a few and playing outside for the remainder. It was a wonderful day!

Knit eggs I made my mom from a pattern I found on one of my favorite blogs

Dying Easter eggs and fabric (for a garden ornament) and selves (I looked like a smurf)

Hunting Easter eggs

My nieces contribution to Easter brunch - Fruit Dogs - too cute!

Cheeks full of tomatoes!

My contribution - Carrot Cupcakes with Starburst decorations. The cake stand was my paternal grandmothers.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Summer In Minnesota Comforter

This comforter is destined for our camper bed. I started this comforter last summer with a vision in my head of something sturdier enough for my boys could haul in and out of the camper and house. A place for games, stories and snacks.  The project began by cutting loads of 5x5 squares from fabrics that I had laying around. Fabrics that I couldn't see destined for another project. Also incorporated are embroideries that I had done when I just needed something to busy my nervous hands. Also included are squares cut from a remnant of state birds fabric that I though would be perfect in the quilt I pictured . As I got into the project I decided that in order it to really be a "Summer Comforter" I needed to incorporate more images of summers here in our home state of Minnesota. So, I got the boys input and so a fish, frog, fireflies, camper, squirrel, mosquito, loon (our state bird), lady slipper (our state flower) and a few other embroideries were made and added. It then became a true "Summer In Minnesota" comforter and it is now finished. My mom and I tied it last week and she finished the binding over the weekend. It is currently on our bed in the house but as soon as camping season starts it will make it's way to our rolling home. I can't wait to use it!!! Now,  if Spring would just come to stay - snow is forecasted for today and tonight - summer in Minnesota right now feels like a pipe dream.

Friday, April 8, 2011

A Four Year Old And One Year Old In The House

This week my baby turned 4! He requested a triangle cake so here it is :)! Too cute what he comes up with. He is my strong-willed, stubborn, independent guy who LOVES to cuddle! The questions he asks leave me smiling and sometimes stumped. Today he asked me where worms sleep. I love this boy!  He loves anything involving the outdoors and can't wait to walk in his daddy's footsteps.  He also loves to help mamma cook and sew.  He keeps me hopping but I really wouldn't have it any other way!

I am embarrased to say that I didn't make him anything homemade. He had specific requests that we met and I will make up for the lack of handmade as Spring goes on.
Our puppy also had a birthday this week - he turned one. Happy Birthday, Sonny!

Spring In The Garden

Rhubarb waking up!
 As of Wednesday we could officially get in our backyard. I cheated this year and hired someone to come and pick up all the winter dog poop. With 2 dogs it would have taken me forever and in 45 minutes they had the yard done and we were out there playing as soon as they pulled out of the driveway. We have been out there almost non-stop since.

Today we planted our spring garden - peas, carrots, parsnips, radishes and lettuce. I can already taste the freshness! Now I need to start readying the other beds for when the danger of frost passes...
Spring Garden

A Friday Night Fire - Hello Spring!!!

 Earlier this week the boys asked to have a fire and smores in the backyard and after a gloriously beautiful Spring week we could think of no better way to thank Mrs. Thaw for finally ridding us of winter. Thank you!

Tomorrow is my one-year blog anniversary and I am still debating on what to do as a "thank you for reading" giveaway. I am thinking of a beet-dyed skein of yarn and an embroidery turned into something. What do you think?

Friday, April 1, 2011

Coming Soon...

A 1 Year Anniversary Giveaway! Stay tuned!