Saturday, October 23, 2010

MEA Weekend in Minnesota

(A trip to Fergus for a little antique shopping and inspiration)

(The weary hunter)

(Sunset in Sepia)

Every year the school students in Minnesota get 2 days off at the end of October so the teachers can attend the annual education conference. Our family has turned this weekend into a hunting weekend up at North. Daddy (and sometimes Mommy with her camera) goes out in search of the sometimes elusive ducks and geese making their way south for the winter and the boys get some time with their Papa and Gima Melon. So far this year daddy has gotten 2 ducks and mommy has knit a couple Christmas ornaments, a dolly sweater and a couple dishclothes. The boys have explored the woods, played football and just enjoyed being kids with nothing to do but PLAY!

Friday, October 8, 2010

New Additions to The Weekend Cottage

Here are a few new additions to the Weekend Cottage starting today... Mourning Crows and Homesewn Punkins. New additions will be added next weekend as well!

An Excursion To The Zoo

Wood Ducks on the Minnesota Trail (pic by Oldest)

On Monday my oldest didn't have school so the boys, my mom and I all drove to the other side
of the city to meet my cousin, her 2 girls and her mom (my mom's sister) and go to the Minnesota Zoo. What an incredible day we had. We made it there just in time for the shark feeding which was fascinating. We then spent 3 hours walking all over the zoo. The highlights were the new Russian Coast exhibit and my favorite - the Minnesota Trail.

Leopard Shark on Tropics Trail

Crocodile on Tropics Trail (pic by Oldest)

Timber Wolf on Minnesota Trail (pic by Oldest)

The Gang of Littles

Halloween Capital of the World

We live in the Halloween Capital of the World so needless to say we take the holiday just a little seriously. The house has been decorated and Halloween costumes have been in discussion for a couple months. We are already excited for the big day!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

A Purse For A Friend

Last year I knit and felted myself a purse. A dear friend of mine liked it and asked me to make her one. One year later it is done! I hope she enjoys it!

A New Adventure!!!

Weekend Cottage Antiques

My mother-in-law and I have moved into our new endeavor today! We rented a booth at Weekend Cottage Antiques and are excited to see how it all goes. The shop is open Friday - Sunday and is located in Clear Lake, MN just off Cty. Rd 10 (not to far off of I94 from Clearwater). My in-laws have been antique dealers since they retired from teaching over 10 years ago. This is my first go (outside of a few things in my in-laws shops). I have included some of my homemades - I am calling that little side business "Remnants" being that I use remnants from the past in the form of antiques and antique sewing notions as well as remnants of yarn and fabric that I try to put to use in new ways.

Auntie Pat's Dishclothes

Toddler Bucket Hats handknit using leftover yarn

Toddler Teddy Bear Hats handknit using yarn left over from other projects

Teddy Bear Sweater handknit using leftover yarn.

Little girl aprons handsewn using recycled jeans, leftover fabric and vintage notions

Jam Tart Pincusions handmade using vintage jelly molds, doilies fabric and buttons

And we have quite a bit more room so there will be much more added!!!