Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Knitting & Reading - Yarn Along!

Joining along with Ginny for her Yarn Along again this week. Finished the book from last week. Loved the Physick Book Of Deliverance Dane and have already sent it down to my Mom i Arizona. I know she will enjoy reading it as much as I did. I have now started (for the third or fourth time) The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova. It is a HEAVY book. And I mean heavy as in hard to hold up when reading! I really recommend the paperback vs. the hardcover :). The book is a about Dracula and a father, daughter and that is about all I have gotten so far. Once again, my stellar reviewing skills come in to play... I am farther then I have ever gotten before so hopefully that is a good sign.

In regards to knitting I have yet to start the fingerless mitts for the boys, although yarn, needles and pattern are all gathered. Instead, I decided I needed some "no pattern needed" mindless knitting. So - washclothes it is. I am in need of restocking the shops with them too. I already have the yarn on hand and knit just a basket waffle pattern. Super easy. Maybe next week I will have those mitts started...

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