Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Thrifting Gold!

Today my mom and I went to a Goodwill near my house in search of treasure. I usually follow the same path whenever I go. Linens, books, housewares... But today my mom was looking for wool to use in her rug hooking so our first stop was clothes - I never go to clothes - today, though, that changed... we didn't find any wool that is good for rugs but she did find (sorry for the horrid photos - sun is going down - I will try and get better ones tomorrow...

If anyone knows any more about either of these I would love any information you could share! Thank you!

A vintage Botany 500 Tailored By Daroff hand-tailored men's wool overcoat in fabulous condition! I am still researching as to the error it was produced but I am thinking pre-1970 for sure.  I am hoping to find out when the store it was made for closed and go from there.

Price paid - $1.49 (it was blue tag day!).

And the solid gold (or green) piece was a Magee Donegal Tweed women's jacket.
Jackets such as this retail at around $477.

Price paid at Goodwill - $8.99. Not bad!!!

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