Thursday, April 19, 2012

A Creative Day!

Strawberry Cream Jam Tart Pin Cushion!
I make these from old crocheted pot holders that have lived their previous lives as the top of the insert
and old metal jello molds as the base. I top them off with a vintage button.
 I had a amazingly productive day yesterday in the sewing room! Quite a few smaller projects that I have been wanting to do are finally done.
(Please excuse the photos. The sun just didn't want to cooperate and my photo program didn't help.)
Mixed Fruit Jam Tart Pin Cushion

Yet unnamed pin cushion - this one is my favorite! I used an old metal tart mold
with a fabulous patina as the base and the crocheted  pot holder I used was destined for the trash bin
as it was missing the bottom corner.
I love that these old things have a brand new use!

A vintage teacup from Salvation Army for 25 cents! The cup has quite a bit of crazing so I am giving it new life as a pincushion. The fabric for the insert is a reproduction of an old vintage fabric. It is topped off with another vintage button from my stash.

The next items were all made from the old tablecloth above that I got at an estate sale for  $1. It is quite stained as you can see in one of the photos farther down so it didn't work for a table anymore but the number of projects I will be able to get from it will be amazing! (Some of the plain white pieces were also used in each of the pin cushions pictured above.)

A pin cushion from one small portion of the tablecloth.
The mold is an old tart mold that someone painted white once upon a time.

Two wall hanging using corners off the tablecloth secured into
embroidery hoops I bought at Goodwill for 25 cents apiece.

The pieces created so far plus a piece that is destined to become a couple pins.

One of the center appliques. I can't wait to find a use for this wonderful section!

I am hoping to set up a table of my handmades a couple Saturday's this summer at a local winery's weekly Artisan Market. Hopefully I can get all the paperwork squared away in time for the first market on May 5th.
The new pin cushions, some hand made wool felt carrots and some doll or teddy bear sweaters.
You can see at the back right a bit of a felt food breakfast set (I have bag lunch felt sets as well).

I am hoping to include some of my totes that I make from vintage materials, some hand knits (hats, doll sweaters and washcloth's and keepers) and some smalls like these pin cushions I just made. I will post pics of what I plan on bringing and the location when all is finalized in case any readers are from the Twin Cities area and are interested in a fun way to spend a Saturday.

Knitted washcloth's and their accompanying "keepers"
(I have a couple more almost done in a couple other color schemes).
They make great housewarming or hostess gifts!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Thrifting Update - April 16

I did get to the thrift store and a couple sales this past week but I tried really hard to be quite choosy as to what I bought.

Here is most of the stuff minus a few books.

Two embroidery hoops at Goodwill for .25 each that I am going to turn into wall art using the tablecloth I already had.

An adorable children's pajama pattern found at Goodwill. I just love the picture! The little girl is combing her hair and the joy on the little boy's face is fabulous!

A lovely painted box found at an estate sale (I bought 2 books at the sale as well - a Moosewood Cookbook for me and a field guide for my nephew). The ship book ends were found at a different estate sale where I also bought the silver jewelry box in the photo below. The sunflower linen above and the Dutch children linen below were found at a garage sale along with the best pick of the week...keeping scrolling to see what that is!

I am drawn to crewel these days! This Japanese winter scene was found at Goodwill for 1/2 off.
It is lovely and has a great texture!
I picked this crewel up the week before and forgot to take a picture. I LOVE it! I found it at a garage sale for .50 and it is already hanging on my dining room wall. 
My second favorite find of the week! This dala horse (and the two Scandinavian wooden plates in the first photo) were found at a little flea market. I paid $2 for this fabulous little guy! He will be living at my house and is already liking his new home amongst my other wooden ethnic painted pieces.

AND the piece de resistance (did I spell that right???)! A vintage feedsack quilt in the double wedding ring pattern! And I paid $20! (And that included the sunflower and Dutch kids linens!) It is in near perfect condition with no stains or tears! Have not decided where this is going to go - online, Weekend Cottage in Clear Lake or up north to Exit 55 in Fergus Galls or Yesterday's in Alexandria. I am just loving this find!

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A Trip On A Train To See The Twins!

On Saturday the 4 of us boarded the local commuter train (which we can catch just 5 minutes from our house) and took it to Target Field in downtown Minneapolis to watch the Twins play the Texas Rangers. What a wonderful day!

The train dropped us off right at the field! What a relaxing way to get there. (Hubby and I decided we really need to plan a train trip for the near future - most likely to Glacier where our nephew is a Park Ranger.)

My first ride on a train!

Looking cool! You know he is 11 after all and really try's hard not to look excited, about anything...although he had a hard time containing his excitement throughout the day. It was just too fun a day!

Target Field - Home of the Minnesota Twins! This brand new field just opened last year! So fun to watch a professional game outside! (The Twins used to share the Dome with the Vikings.) It felt like we were at a big party! 
We had amazing seats - right behind 3rd base - 8 rows up from the field.
You have to have a hot dog at a baseball game!

Wearing most of our ketchup on our face (and hat and pants and....) And forgive the Yankees cap - we have loads of Twins shirts but no hats. We thought he should wear his Darth Vader cap - but this is the one he had to wear. He did get a little flack for  it  :)!

The Twins lost 2 to 6 but we had fun! Considering the original forecast called for rain and the day ended up to be clear-skied and 70 we couldn't have asked for a better day!

The train ride home - the mighty Mississippi and the Hennepin Street Bridge.

An old train on a neighboring track.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

FINALLY, It's His Turn!

After watching his big brother play sports since almost day one and wondering when it would finally be his turn, FINALLY, it is! T-Ball practice started yesterday and the Little is LOVING it. He is taking it quite seriously and is loving learning new things about his favorite sport. He is all equipped (including the necessary "nut-cup" - don't remember the Big needing that for t-ball) and can't wait for the next practice. Such an exciting time! As soon as the Big's season starts in another week we will be at baseball Sun-Thurs nights and some Saturdays. Let the game's begin!

Yep - that is a mamma made sweater!

Thrift Update - April 9

This past week was a no go for estate sales but I did find a great garage sale and a couple of ok ones. The GREAT garage sale was a long time collector who was parting with a LOT of stuff for meer pennies! I did get some nice things but noticed the piles of some others who got there just a bit before me that made me drool! I did get some nice Christmas ornaments (including the adorable elf in lovely condition), quite a few nice linens (some already in the wash so not pictured), two sewing machine drawers, some sheet music, and a couple cookbooks. Not bad. At a couple other sales I picked up the pile of vintage lace (for $1) and the wool thread as well as the Trixie Belden book for my niece's upcoming birthday.
The (almost) total haul.

The Christmas ornaments and a great Asian wood carving (that will be living here for awhile)

A lovely doily that is being added to Etsy tonight.

A great Christmas hankie in lovely condition and a very nice pair of gloves with a pearl edge.

A lovely pile of vintage lace - all for $1.

A few misc. doily pieces and some sheet music.
I don't plan on getting to many, if any, sales this week as I am getting ready for a garage sale. Really NEED to get rid of some stuff before I add more. Feeling a little overwhelmed. I know that you have to buy to make in this reselling business but I am feeling a little weighed down. Our lives have moved out of doors so much more at this time of year that the amount of time I have at the computer is minimal and when I do have time it is at night when I am feeling bone tired and just want to curl up with my book, read a page and fall asleep. Hopefully, after the garage sale next week (I am praying for good weather) and the flea market sale on May 12th I will start to feel like I have a better handle on things.

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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Today My Baby Turned 5!

Today my baby turned 5! 

While he will always be my baby and is still just a little boy, so many milestones are being reached, so much growing is being done and time is moving much to quickly.

Five years ago today, I was scared as I watched my 4 lb 12 oz second son, our much anticipated and long awaited second child (there are 6 years between my boys), rest in his isolette in the Special Care nursery in the hospital where he was born. He was breathing on his own but his sugar level was off and he was jaundice. He spent a week there before we were able to bring him home, but once we did he has been a non-stop amazement. Crawling at 7 months, walking at 11 months and talking as much as he could as fast as he could from early on (not that we could understand him :) ).

Today, he is a never ending source of energy and amazement! He is stubborn and independent yet loves to cuddle and give and receive hugs. He has grown an inch and a half since Christmas, has mastered a cartwheel and whistling, and, just today, learned that climbing trees (actually it was more a bush (lilac), but he doesn't need to know that) is a load of fun. He spent his birthday today soaking in the sun, using his imagination, planning his birthday menu (homemade macaroni and cheese, cherry tomatoes, strawberries, hot dogs and a chocolate cake decorated like a football field with a "T" in the middle), helping bake his cake and attending his very first t-ball practice (which he proclaimed was a lot of fun!) Of course, there were also presents including a pirates cutlass from Frost Lane on Etsy, Glob paint, a kickball, new headphones for his mp3 player (this boy loves his country music!) and needlefelting tools! This weekend we even have more fun activities planned, including another first - bowling!

To him I wish a lifetime of adventure, the ever present gift of his amazing imagination and, most of all, people who will always surround him with love and encouragement. Happy birthday baby - I love you!

(Birthday photos by Big Brother!)

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Spring Garden Update

Our spring garden is coming along - radishes, beets, carrots, lettuce and peas appearing in the spring bed. Mother Nature already had her way with my garden though in the form of a rabbit dining on my cabbage and broccoli transplants. They have now been replaced with seeds planted and a dosing of cayenne pepper over the entire bed to deter the little buggers since the fence appears to be useless...
Spring bed


Peas (and an unidentifiable weed...)

Asparagus! YEAH! And this year will be the first year we can harvest. The Little and I are so excited.

Horseradish (and plenty to share)! Will be contacting gardening friends and seeing if they want some.

Garlic coming along swimmingly. Really can't wait for the scapes!

My garden helper - isn't he cute!
We are still working on his garden etiquette though in regards to where he places his really big yellow paws...

Strawberries - runners being sent out all over. Hopefully it will be our best harvest year yet!

Also planted some cilantro and parsley seeds - first time trying these from seed. We shall see! Also planted kale and something else that I can't remember in the spring bed.

Potatoes and onion purchased today to at the feed store so we can get those planted on Good Friday.