Sunday, February 19, 2012

Visiting An Owl

Today we headed to a local park for a little event there were having. They had a Great Horned Owl visiting from The Raptor Center which is a place that helps injured raptors. The owl had been born without an eye and is not able to live in the wild and now lives permanently at The Raptor Center.

We also walked across the Coon Rapids Dam which is on the Mississippi. The boys and I have been here before in the summer but Daddy has not. It is amazing the amount of power from the water coming through the dam.

A little Valentines note left behind.

Ice fisherman. You wouldn't catch me out there but to each there own...

The other side of the dam.

The history of the dam.

Beyond the rush of the dam. There is quite a bit of nature in this park in the city. The little display area at the visitor center does a nice job of showing you who lives there and they have lots of activities. I am hoping to take the boys back there for their Maple Sugaring Day.

The dam is actually made of rubber and this sign showed us how these rubber "balloons" inflate and deflate to regulate the amount of water that goes over.

It was a gorgeous day today and lots of people were out and about. We ended our afternoon by stopping at our favorite Mexican restaurant in our old neighborhood. Just as good as ever. And my eldest (age 11) ate 3 large tacos, a bunch of chips, some of his bros french fries and most of the fried ice cream that came with his bros kids meal. Just a taste of what is to come. He will be eating us out of house and home...

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