Monday, February 27, 2012

The Weeks Finds...

This past week I made it to an estate sale and a thrift store. The estate sale yielded a Cambridge Universal Fruit bowl and an old wooden rack featuring an Indian in a canoe. Unfortunately, I put them in the Clear Lake shop before taking pictures. I also found some vintage metal garden fencing that is on it's way to Fergus Falls to be in my MILs rusty goodness display.  Also found were two black metal shelf brackets that, once I find just the right rusty toolbox to attach to the top, will become a planter for my garden.

I did get pictures of a few things...

Lovely Vera scarf (based on the logo I think it is from the 70s) already listed and SOLD on Etsy!
Note to self: look for more Vera scarves (I think there is one at one of the shops...).
Not all things I buy are to sell :) - this 3-hole punch has been on my list of wants for a while
and for $2 at the estate sale it came home with us.

Lovely embroidered dresser linens from Samaritan Thrift - now listed on Etsy.

Two more plates added to our new set found at Samaritan Thrift.
The one on the bottom left is one of the 3 I found last week, the other two are new.
Different patterns, but I like that!
My Mom has also been doing some second-hand shopping for me down in Arizona and had a really good week! Three pairs of designer shoes, a Michael Murray scarf, a pair of vintage white leather gloves and some vintage shelf paper! Thank you Mom!


  1. I think you have got something good going on with those plates; they would make a great tablescape if you kept looking for more with the theme of flowers and colors unifying them.

  2. Thank you for visiting! They are lovely aren't they! And they make me think about where I grew up. I love things that conjure up memories. My Mom picked me up some more pieces down in Arizona so the set is growing.