Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Whip It!

The Little and I do quite a bit of baking. On tap yesterday was one of Little's favorites - Banana Bread (thank goodness for a $1.99 BOX of bananas at the grocery store over the holidays that are now frozen in my freezer)! My tried and true recipe is from the Betty Crocker Cookbook. He can even find the recipe himself (although I think it helps that the page is batter spattered and well creased :)!) We also have to have in the appropriate music for baking - "Whip It" by Devo! I am a soundtrack lover (I love the wide range of music that is so often on them) and "Whip It" happens to start out the Raising Helen soundtrack. So we get the music going and start baking. In the case of Banana Bread I use my food processor because for some reason the bread turns out so much moister - most other recipes require only a wooden spoon or maybe the electric hand mixer.
Isn't he cute!!!

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