Monday, February 28, 2011

Generations of Love

As I was going about my morning task of folding up my little's nightly covers something caught my eye. As I folded each blanket I realized that each night (or those nights that he actually sleeps in his own little bed) he is covered with generations of love. We still use his baby blankets over the top of his mommy made quilt when he needs a little extra warmth (it just takes a few more of them to cover his almost 4 year old body :)). These blankets were knit or crocheted by beloved members of his family. One, the artist of the beautifully crocheted pink, blue and white blanket, he only knows of in name as she passed from this life when I was 17. She is my Great Grandma Dietz and she made that blanket for my baby before I even thought of babies. I think she wanted my little's to have a Grandma made blanket to cherish just as I cherished the one she made me. My little has not become attached to his blanket the way I did (mine was a constant night time companion until I was 11) but it still keeps him warm and is treasured.

He does know who made the other two. The green and blue knitted blanket was his baby gift from my aunt and he now knows her as his favorite playmate Addy's grandma. Finally, the green and white blanket was knit by me. I started knitting a couple years after my oldest was born so he has no mommy knits from babyhood but I wanted to make a baby blanket for my next little. My skills were still forming at that time so I picked something simple (it really looks like a giant washcloth) but it has stood the test of time and someday will go into the chest to be passed on to his children.

I think of the stitches that went into each one of these. I think of the different places where those stitches were made, great grandmas farm, at the hospital where my aunt works and in our own home. I think of how times have changed and how times are continuing to change and I hope that the future for my boys will be all that we hope it will be. I do know that they will be going into life with the love of generations behind them. They will know that they are loved - for generations.

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