Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Today Was A Good Day...

...playing Indiana Jones (funny that his whip is a crocheted snake considering Indiana is scared of snakes :))

Today was a good day and as most parents with a 3-year old know, not all days are good days. I reveled in it and decided to capture the moments on film so that I can look back at them on a not so good day :)!

Drawing a picture of Daddy on our chalk board

Some homemades for the shop almost to completion

An awesome wooden ship - immediately dubbed the Titanic - found at Goodwill for next to nothing
(the little even fell asleep with it tonight)

Making cookies for Daddy and Big Brother and having a blast with the electric mixer
(I have now seen the future with this little one and power tools...)
Painting a plant stake for Mommy's paperwhites

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