Saturday, January 29, 2011

My Collection Of Favorite Recipes

(My personal recipe collection)
When I was a child my mom had most of her favorite baking recipes written down in a little silver bound book. She still uses it to this day. Once I was married and started cooking and collecting my own favorite recipes - some passed down from family and friends and others found on my own - I began compiling them in one place. The book above (a Carl Larsson blank book - I LOVE his art work - I have a number of his prints in my home) is my personal cookbook. It is my go to book for tried and true recipes. I only put recipes in here that are true family favorites. This book has a permanent place on my kitchen counter and is batter splattered and the binding is starting to come apart to prove it's use. I have taken the idea and created a few as gifts - one as a special wedding gift for a cousin and two as gifts to my sisters-in-law for one Christmas. I hope someday this book will be a treasured item of my boys (I will have to make two so they each have one!)
Above my little is making one of our FAVORITE recipes - Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins (pic of recipe below). We make it at least every other week if not once a week.

My Mom's recipe for cucumber sandwiches. A regular request at family gatherings.
My walnut-imprint bookmark that I still love even though it does kinda look like a tushy.
Probably THE most favorite recipe in my family - Chicken Huntington.
My mom made it and now so do I. It is SO good. The perfect comfort food.

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