Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Little Winter Fun

There had to be 60 to 70 deer in a 1/2 mile stretch around Pomme de Terre River. Above is Pomme de Terre School and Cemetery where some of my husbands ancestors went to school and are buried. To the left of the picture area is where the old village of Pomme de Terre was.
 This weekend we had hoped to spend 3 days hiking through the woods, sledding on the hills, walking on frozen water and just enjoying the splender of the winter wonderland of our great state. Due to an impending snow storm (10-14" of snow is headed our way) we had to cut our long weekend short. We did make the most of our 24 hours up north though with a little hiking, sledding and even a little nature watching on the way to dinner.
Daddy and Sonny (with his new doggy booties) helping the Little get ready for a run down the hill on one of Grandma's vintage Flexible Flyers

The Older making a valiant effort to get his sled going

Hiking through the woods

The Older pulling the Little along passed some beaver work (below)

Heading for home

Swans enjoying the chilly open water (we were able to add these to our Great Backyard Bird Count list!)

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