Sunday, March 18, 2012

Thrifting Update - March 19

This past week I made it to an estate sale (nothing except for a 50 cent puzzle and a gag gift for my MIL) and a couple garage sales - this nice weather has people setting up early - yeah! The week also included thrifting from another source - my Mom has been "picking" for me down in Arizona and this past week a box arrived full of goodies :)!

A few of the goodies from the box from my Mom:
Shoes my mom found at a garage sale - Stylish! These will be going to Clear Lake.
I am betting it won't take someone long to snap up the middle pay - they are awesome!

A map of the Western USA dish towel - great condition! Already listed on Etsy.

A wonderful Springy dresser doily in nice bright colors. (Already on Etsy :)!)

An absolutely adorable small drawstring bag! I can see this as a wristlet carried by a spring or summer bride as she walks down the aisle. Perfect for the little essentials a bride needs. It could also be her "something old" and "something blue".
(Already on Etsy.)

A Michael Murray scarf (and also an Ellen Tracy that I have yet to get a photo of).
(Already on Etsy.)

And here are some pics from my garage sale finds - just 2 sales led to these purchases - not bad:

A table runner and vintage metal cow tags! How awesome are those tags!
Same garage sale as runner and cow tags -
a vintage wooden ironing board with a fabulous green metal base and the original label!
Will be going to Clear Lake's The Weekend Cottage next week.

The other garage sale had things priced to sell!

A green planter with mushrooms on it and butterfly fabric for a future project.
(See other items closer up below.)
Vintage linens (need ironing!)

A vintage Calaprint tablecloth in like-new condition!
 And my favorite item of all - from the same sale as the above - for a whopping $1 - one of those items that the minute you see it you know it was meant to be yours...

A vintage crewel work featuring a ring-necked pheasant and a fuzzy tailed rabbit.
Up close you can even see their tracks in the snow! It is absolutely lovely and is already hanging on the wall even though Spring is here and the pics theme is Winter. Can't help it - it just makes me smile!

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  1. Hi sweet Carrie! Those shoes are stunning! How sweet of your mom to go picking for you! I love all of your beautiful finds too! So glad you had fun and found lots of goodies to sell and to keep! The vintage crewel work is gorgeous! xo~ Paula

  2. The crewel work is so cool - I would have nabbed that if I had seen it, too. I also love the vintage cow tags. Great finds!

  3. I found a bunch of great crewelwork this weekend too - so fun!

  4. someone will do great things with those cow tags! I love finding that kind of stuff! :)

  5. The shoes, ironing board and tags are amazing! Great finds.