Saturday, March 24, 2012

Some Creative Sparks From The Week...

This bag started it's life as a vintage tablecloth for the exterior, what looks to be vintage fabric for the interior and all trimmed out with a vintage doily and three vintage red buttons. There are faded spots on the tablecloth and the doily has a stain but that is part of the charm of taking vintage materials and giving them new life!

I used a bit of the leftover tablecloth trimmed with vintage rick rack for the interior pocket.

I just love the strawberries!

This week I finally made it back into the sewing room and finished another tote using repurposed vintage materials. I also started a new little project - pins from vintage embroideries! I took pieces of embroidery that were stained or had holes and cut out the charming, useable bits and turned them into pins. Not sure if I am going to sell these on Etsy or hold off and sell them at some sales I am hoping to take part in this summer. I plan on making a bunch more as they were lots of fun! And I used all materials that I had around the house that were left over from previous projects. I may even do a tutorial - we'll see.

The finished pin next to the piece of embroidery it was cut from. You can even see one of the stains that made it unusable for it's original purpose. I love giving old items new life!

The back of the pin.
(I got a bag of 50 pin backs at a thrift store for 50 cents awhile back
just knowing I would find a use for them :)!)

The Little was inspired this week as well...
The Little helping the birds out with their nest building.
With adult supervision, the Little discovered the joy of power tools! With a scrap of wood and Daddy's drill, the Little made a house for our garden bees! It is already installed and awaiting the first bees of the season (if only the mosquitoes had held off on their appearance - they are already out in full force!)


  1. Hi sweet Carrie! I love the pin you made with the lovely vintage embroidery! It is beautiful! You are so creative! How sweet of your little to help the birdies and bees out! We have darling Carolina Wrens nesting in the wreath on our carport door! We are so excited and that door is not touched until they are done. Love, Paula xo

  2. Hello! SO glad you stopped by! We are huge bird lovers here.Goes back generations :)! They are so much fun to watch and how exciting to have them nesting on your carport door!

  3. Hello dear Carrie! I don't know how I missed the gorgeous tote!!!! I don't recall seeing the photos, but I am glad I saw them today! Your tote is stunning and so beautiful! You are very talented and creative! I love how you used a vintage tablecloth, doily and buttons! I love the strawberries too! Beautifully made!!! How wonderful y'all are huge bird lovers and it goes back generations! We are first generation bird lovers, but my son and I have made up for lost time! Through the years we have kept nature journals and learned to recognize by sight and song the names of so many birds. What a joy! I will try and get a photo of the amazing little nest when the Wrens are away. xo~ Paula

  4. What a great use of embroidered works. I have a little pile of my grandmothers handwork that has stains here and there and I try to incorporate the nice parts into projects as well. There is just so much history there, you can't throw it out for just a little stain. Your pin looks fantastic.

    1. What a wonderful tribute to your grandmother that you are using her pieces in yours. I love the carrying on of the generations that come before us!

  5. Found you through Frontier Dreams. What lovely buttons. I may just have to copy this idea! My craftiness led to a mama-made dress for BabySister due in early July. Come see!

    1. I stopped by your lovely blog and loved the dress you made for your new arrival! How absolutely perfect!