Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Knitting & Reading - Yarn Along!

Joining up with Ginny again today for the Yarn Along. I am finding this such a good way to document for myself, as well as share with others, what I am reading and knitting.

This week I am still reading The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova. I am enjoying it but I am embarassed to say that I have not even reached page 100. It is a slow read and I think it may be one of those books that I need to put down for a bit, read something quick and easy, and then pick it up again.

In regards to knitting, I started a hat that my oldest picked out of Weekend Hats (checked out of the library - need to buy this one for myself - so many fabulous hats to try). I think the pattern is called the Wanderer. It is a pattern full of things I have not done before including a tubular cast-on. I love the look of it but it definately took more time then my average cast on. It is also a mini-cable pattern - I have never done cable - I did ok for the first 1/3 and then got to a turn in the pattern and the cable. STUCK! The right twist is not making any sense to me. So, I put it down and purchased the "Beekeepers Quilt" pattern from Tiny Owl Knits on Ravelry and am giving "hexipuffs" a try. I love that it uses up random bits of wool yarn and that each little "puff" is a little bit of instant gratification. (Remind me of this when I am still attempting to knit the 384 needed for the size quilt I want...) Reminds me of this puff quilt my mom made back in the early 80s using random bits of fabric cut into squares and then stuffed like little wontons or ravioli before all being sewn together into a big puffy, warm masterpiece.


  1. I'm so tempted by that beekeepers quilt too! It just looks so tempting, and what a great way to merge 2 of my favorite crafts!

    Fun to see another Minnesota blogger. ;)

  2. I'm planning on starting the Beekeeper's Quilt when I finish the afghan I'm currently crocheting for my daughter. I'm using the promise of buying the pattern as a carrot to entice me to work harder on my current project! But I'm already saving sock yarn remnants for the Quilt, and I'm saving the scrap ends of yarn from woven-in ends in order to stuff the hexipuffs. Can't wait!

  3. I knit a hexipuff here and there. I'm not putting a time limit on when I want to finish my quilt and this seems to motivate me to keep knitting puffs. ;-)

  4. How exciting that your knitting a hat that someone picked out. That means they will love it!! Love the colors in the hat :)