Monday, March 12, 2012

Thrifting Update - March 12

Joining in again with Apron Thrift Girls's "Thrift Share Monday" (oops! collection already closed) and Her Library Adventures "Flea Market Finds". I meant to post earlier today but as I have mentioned before, my boys are on Spring Break so this week is flowing differently then most others. (Tomorrow is our first field trip - check back tomorrow for the details!)

Last week while my in-laws were in town my MIL and I got away for a little shopping. After a stop at the Round Barn Potting Company in Andover for some inspiration, we hit Goodwill for some thrifting. It turned into quite a nice stop. My MIL found an adorable 40s dish and some fabulous bright green fabric with giant white flowers. I will let her post about those. Together we found some wonderful things that I will be adding to both my Etsy shop and the Weekend Cottage in Clear Lake - 2 embroidered table runners, a bag of vintage Christmas ornaments and some Palm Springs souvenir S&Ps. I also found some nice fabric lengths for next to nothing which hopefully will make an appearance in sewing projects very soon (just waiting for the creative bug to bite again.) Add these things to the brand new, still stickered Darth Vader baseball cap and tshirt for Little, shorts and three books for Older and a Bonanza book for FIL and it was a very nice stop!

Beautiful table runners in wonderful condition - soon to be added to Etsy. I can see these on an Easter table!

Some old Christmas ornaments - I love the Partridge in a pear tree glass ornament! The two in front are plastic believe it or not. I have never seen anything like them before so if anyone has any info on them I would love to know!
This one is slightly creepy! It kinda looks like a street car decorated for the holidays yet the passengers are skeletons...kinda charming in a weird way...

After Goodwill we went out for lunch in Anoka and then went to the occasional sales that are held at a number of shops once a month. There are 3 or 4 of them in town right now. We only purchased some bed springs for use in future projects but it was fun seeing what they do with stuff. My Mom and I have went to these before and she had great luck finding some needed pieces of little furniture.

On Friday, the boys first day of Spring Break, I dragged them to an estate sale. It was a small, family run affair and wasn't at all what they had made it sound like on Craigslist. We saw the entire place in 5 minutes. 80% of the stuff was labeled "Not For Sale" and considering the ad said "everything not attached for sale" I found that odd. Oh well, I did find a cool clothespin bag (I have a thing for those) and a cute little Sona Ware aluminum teapot.

On Saturday I went to my first garage sale of the year. I new there wouldn't be much there but they did advertise old Bingo cards so I went. I did come away with a pack of Bingo cards - eagles and Zip the Greyhounds. That was all though.

This week there is a garage sale starting on Wednesday that looks to be chock full of vintage stuff. There is also a flea market on Thursday. We shall see what I make it to...most importantly is for me to get more things listed and consider a possible trip up to Clear Lake. I also want to maybe look for another outlet to sell online that works for me. I have tried Ebay and just wasn't happy. Anyone have any ideas? I am also thinking of opening a second Etsy shop where I would sell my handmades, so I would have a vintage shop and a handmade shop...opinions? Thank you for any advise you may have!

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