Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Little Spring Break Excursion

Today the boys' and I drove down to meet Daddy at his work and go to lunch. Daddy has been wanting to take us for one of his favorite cuisines - Indian! And so today was the day and the boys really did enjoy it - Naan, Vegetable Samosas, Chicken Curry, Chicken Pakota (?), rice and, the favorite, Chicken Tandorri. They both LOVED that! After lunch we went to see Daddy's work - his company moved last summer and we had not yet been to see their new location. It was gorgeous! And many compliments to my hubby who had a huge had in orchestrating it!

After lunch the boys and I headed back north and made a stop at a new Goodwill. Another decent haul! A pair of pants for the Older, a couple linen pieces for me to turn into bags or pillows, a copy of Howard's End to add to my summer reading list, a dinosaur puzzle for little and a HUGE stack of books from the .15 bin for the boys. All for a whopping $11.30.

After Goodwill we stopped at Peninsula Point Two Rivers Historical Park which sits on the convergance of the Mississippi River and Rum River in our hometown. I have been meaning to take the Older one there since he did his unit on the First Americans at school. The park has wonderful plaques that talk about the trading history of that particular spot going back to the 1600s and the role these two rivers played in the settling of our state. A wonderful history lesson at a beautiful spot! The boys also watched the ducks and geese and threw some rocks in the mighty Mississippi!

The day ended with more outside play - street hockey, baseball and some playing on the swing set. I am amazed that we have already reached that time of year where the dinner hour rushes up and I have yet to make anything, the boys are still playing outside at 7PM and my housework isn't even close to being done. Oh well - the weather is beautiful and it is pulling us outside. What a beautiful week to be having Spring Break! (Tomorrow they are saying 75 degrees :)!!!)

Enjoying the end of a beautiful spring day - just soaking it all in!


  1. Enjoyed the day with you thru pix and commentary. What fun!

  2. Hi Sweet Carrie! Your blog is lovely! So glad you and your dear ones enjoyed such a fun day! You should be out in the nice weather, especially for this time of year there in Minnesota! I am so happy you are having warm weather. Enjoy Spring Break! Love your Etsy friend, Paula xo