Monday, March 5, 2012

Thifting Update - March 5

I can't believe it is already Monday again! Days seem to be flying by right now and I don't feel like I am getting anything accomplished. House is messy, laundry not done, garage sale items not priced (want to have a sale in May and pricing seems to take forever), didn't list nearly as many items as I wanted to on Etsy and I could go on and on. Oh well, will get to it all at some point. (Although next week is Spring Break for the boys meaning I won't get anything done work related done. Hoping to take some fun little field trips with them. More on that later.)

I did get to Goodwill once and took myself out on Saturday morning for a little "Mommy Alone Time" and went to a couple antique shops. Here are some of my finds...

A pressed wood desk accessory decorated with cattails - I LOVE cattails!
There is a "Multicraft Chicago" label on the bottom (photo below) but I can't find any listing on them.
Oh well, this one will be living at my house anyway so I can keep researching.
Pretty soon my desk is going to be covered in desk accessories I can't part with and no room to work...
time to finish my guest room closet which is being converted to a large work surface...more on that later.

Two great books. The Anatomy of Costume is already listed on Etsy and
Shakespeare's Storybook is going to hang out here for awhile to maybe inspire some summer activities. 
(Both found at Goodwill.)
A vintage Raggedy Ann book.
The book is in rough shape but I can just see the adorable full page pictures gracing someone's nursery wall!

 Antique shop finds...
An absolutely adorable vintage baby's smock. I love the embroidery!
Once it is ironed up I will be listing it in my Etsy shop.

Four lovely hankies - the top and bottom ones are silk and the other two are linen.
They are all lovely and will be in my Etsy shop sometime this week.
I am really starting to love old cards and am drawn to them anytime I see the.
This large lot was found in a booth at an antique shop across from my church.
There are Christmas cards, graduation cards, Mother's Day and new baby cards and a lovely New Year's Card.
Some will make it to Etsy but some may grace gifts I give.
I don't even care if they are already used. I think that adds to the charm and speaks to the cards past life.

The sewer in me loves old patterns. These will be on Etsy soon. 


  1. Hankies, cards and patterns. Sounds like heaven to me.

    1. They are some of my favorite items to look for when I am out and about! Thank you for visiting!

  2. my mom has a pair of bookends made of a type if plaster? cast showing a bear rug laying in front of a fireplace and mantel... each end has the same design and there are the same company tags in each one. I believe they're early art deco or maybe a lil bit before...