Saturday, March 10, 2012

62 Degrees!

When i happened to check the temp today it was 62 degrees!

Our neighborhood was full of kids playing, adults enjoying the lovely weather and I think I even smelled a grill going. Spring is here! We Minnesotans know that snow stll could fall even into April so we take what we get when we get it! I did realize that I didn't take a single picture of our day and the actvities that filled it - not a single picture of the new light now gracing our entryway that dear hubby installed. Not even a picture of the old toilet sitting on our front lawn after same dear hubby installed a brand new one in our main level. No pictures of the hours of baseball played or pics of the seeds started. There are more nice days to come though because the weatherperson says that by Tuesday we could be in the high 60s! Just a little rain tomorrow night into Monday first to wash away some of the winter grime and there will be sunny skies again. Must come up with some fun places to take the boys since they are on Spring Break...

P.S. If anyone out their has some great "Bug" themed crafts I would love to hear them. I am in charge of our Vacation Bible School crafts again this year and the theme is "Bugs". The more ideas I have the more I have to draw on to match the Bible story and verse with the craft.

Thnak you in advance!

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  1. Here are a few to try. What ages are you working with?