Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Week In Review

This past week was full.

Included was a trip to the dentist where my oldest had his front tooth repaired after he fell and chipped it last week. You would never know that he chipped it.

Also included were some days off for the boys, a trip to the lake to see grandparents and some snow - finally - with apparently more to come tomorrow.  There was also some sewing (another "finally") and some birdwatching (sometimes both at the same time)...

 Most important though was the celebration of my older baby turning !!11!!. Hard to believe that he is in his final year of elementary (next year - middle school - AGGHHHH - thank goodness our area has a sixth grade-only middle school so they are ushered in gradually).  His birthday fell on our coldest day yet this year just like the day he was born. Funny that someday he says he is going to live where it is warm...

To my amazing 11 year old who is so full of life, energy and love, I love you more then you will ever know and wish for you all that the world has to offer and that you take it on with the same energy you have used to approach your life so far.

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