Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Glance Back At Fall - Excursion #1

Since I haven't been the best blogger lately (forgetting to record all kinds of fun stuff that I would like to have have remembered) and now that it is (finally) snowing, I decided it may be a good time to look back at a couple fun little excursions that we had this past fall.

The first excursion is one that the boys and I took with my mom to go and visit my grandparents at their cabin up north by Moose Lake (yep - the same Moose Lake, MN where the movie Rio starts out - it looks nothing like that...). We spent some time throwing rocks into the lake and picking up treasures, had lunch around the campfire and then took the long way home past some family history...

Throwing rocks into Little Hanging Horn Lake
The half way point on the way down the hill to the lake. A lovely resting spot.

Having lunch on the swing by the campfire (just to the right of this picture is the outhouse that we used when I was a kid - they didn't get indoor plumbing at the cabin until I was in college.)

Lovely bits of nature found in the wood pile.

My great great Grandfather's assistance house. Their was a major fire that swept through Northern Minnesota in 1894 and my ancestors (along with many others) lost everything. This was the house that they were given to build - at one point 10 people lived in it. My mom still has the records that lists exactly what the government gave them to restart - right down to a wooden spoon.

My great great Grandfather hired himself and his threshers out to farmers all over. The machines are still there...

The house my great great Grandfather built with a special block he invented and patented. He lived here until he died.

I love history!

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