Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Glance Back At Fall - Excursion #3

Every fall, once a hard frost has killed off the bugs and and before deer season opens, we make a trip to the "Hunting Farm". This time of year when the overgrowth is dying back allows one to poke around and see what bits of the past are uncovered. We do make regular visits here throughout the year and the hubby spends most of his fall here but a special trip in fall as a family is always something to look forward to. This year was a little more difficult as we had such a lovely, mild fall (and now winter) and the bugs seemed to hang out much longer then necessary. But off we trekked with the boys playing "American Picker's" as they searched out new "old" treasures. Old bottles, bits of farm machinery and other kinds of rusty goodness.

Above and below - an old brick house on the property that is slowly being taken over by Mother Nature. (We are VERY cautious around this house and the boys respect this.)

There is also an old tin house on the property that once was the summer kitchen. This house is still sturdy and I have dreams of turning it into a canning kitchen when we build our green home here. (Yes...another dream, but it is so good to have dreams.

Another pic of the tin house. I love this one where you can see a remaining but of a blue and white graniteware soap dish where the outdoor sink used to be.

Bits of rusty goodness. An old piece of farm machinery. (Check out my MILs blog to see what an antique dealer is ding with these bits...amazing!!!)

 Taking a moment to enjoy the moment.

American Pickers!

This picture is not upside down - the car is! An old Mercury - too cool!

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