Monday, January 16, 2012

A Glance Back At Fall - Excursion #2

This past fall one of my best friend's and I left our husband's with the kids and hit the road for a day of female bonding. She is from Rochester, MN and I grew up in that area so we made that our starting off point. Our destination was Amish country. We were in need of some peace and simplicity and there is no better place to find that then amongst the people of the Amish faith. We decided to rent a CD and do a driving tour that took us to various Amish farms and Amish-run businesses who were ready to welcome us and share more about their culture. I, myself, have been learning and studying the Amish and Mennonites since I was 12 so I was well versed in their ways. My friend, however, was fairly new to their beliefs. It was a wonderful afternoon and we came away with fresh vegetables, hand-processed sorghum molasses, homemade candy and baked goods and even some garlic bulbs that are not divided and planted in my garden awaiting Spring. I have only two pictures relating to this portion of our trip as the Amish do not believe in photographs of themselves. I made sure that the photos I took did not include persons thus a picture of an Amish school and a picture of a buggy and quilt.

A barn on our way that we just had to stop and take a picture of.

A very old sticker advertising Niagra Cave in the old depot window in Harmony, MN

An awesome pumpkin on display outside the old depot now a shop.

An Amish buggy and quilt

An Amish one-room schoolhouse

To round out our trip we stopped off at a new winery on our way back to Rochester. Whitewater Wines is new to the area and we decided to stop in for a tasting and tour. Definitely worth the stop and we will be going back!
An old tractor and wagon filled to the brim with pumpkins, gourds and squash for sale at the winery.

The moon rising over the tractor at the winery. Perfect end to a perfect day!

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