Tuesday, January 31, 2012


I love making these! They are such a fun, quick little craft!

The red wool came from my MIL - she meant to make herself an outfit once upon a time but instead I am using it for crafty goodness! The wool felt I got at a cute little quilt shop in Rogers. With a little embroidery felt and stuffing some cheery red strawberries are born to brighten the winter days. (The blue plate was found while thrifting - it just called to me, chips and all.)

(If there us tutorial interest please let me know. I am planning on making more and would be happy to share the process.)


  1. Oh my, how I LOVE these...almost as much as the real thing. No more. Well, we'll see...I would love love love a tutorial, please. Strawberries are special to me because my sweet little girl smelled like strawberry juice for a full year before being diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. But, we still love the berries and I'll always connect them to my girl. so, yes please to the tutorial!
    xo Jules

  2. Thank you! I am working on the tutorial and hope to have it ready to go early next week. Have a wonderful weekend!