Monday, January 17, 2011

Shop Fodder and A Shop Move

At the beginning of February my in-laws and I are making the big move at the shop
from the outside building to a room in the main house. We hope this will increase our sales as we will now be in a much higher traffic area. Fingers crossed!

In preparation for this move, this past weekend I was able to attend an estate sale right here in town and I think I was able to pick up some really nice items to go into the shop. Below are some doilies and hankies that I am going to work into some bags that will be going into the shop this Spring. I am particularly taken with the woodland floor themed hanky. That just may turn into something for me :)!

(Hankie cards, a scrapbook and a Girl Scout cookbook from the 1940s)

(A vintage candy tin)

(Vintage linens - a scotty dog towel, strawberry table runner
and hand stitched violet eyeglass case)

(Aluminum mum tray)

(Vernon Kilns Fruitdale dinner plate)

(Lovely vintage handbags)

(A vintage Black Swan scarf - it is gorgeous!!!)

(A vintage Irish linen Hermann hankie - with paper label intact)

(A vintage butterfly scarf)

(A handmade wooden cake stand)

Not pictured are 2 enamel ware containers that I hope will sell rather quickly as we have already sold 2 like them in the last couple months.

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