Sunday, January 9, 2011

Exploring A New Craft

As I mentioned earlier I decided to try my hand at a new craft - one I have been thinking about for awhile. To date I have completed 3 needle felting projects - a robin, a cardinal and a mushroom (which began as a dog leg - I discovered I am not ready for 4-legged creatures just yet). To help me out in my learning I checked out some needle felting books from the library. The cardinal is by far my favorite and I envision a bird mobile encompassing the birds that visit our yard. This means of course that I need to start working on a chickadee, goldfinch and blue jay to add to the two already completed. There are many more that visit but I think this will be a fair representation. I also have a strong desire to make a snowy owl. I have always loved owls and since they elude me in the wild (I have yet to see one on our excursions in the woods) I must create my own.

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