Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Evolution of a Quilt

Once I completed my youngest son's quilt I knew that I needed to immediately start one for my oldest son. Eight months later it is done!

I am not a quilter in the traditional sense. I really don't like following directions (although I am okay following knitting patterns) so I have found my own way of quilting. I call it "mud map quilting". I start by assembling the fabrics I like, cut them into random sizes and then put them together in a pleasing manner (pictures above and below show the process). I may cut pieces here and there to make them fit a particular spot or luck out and have just the right size already cut. Once the map is put together I either draw it out as I did with my youngest's quilt so I can pick it up and come back to it later or just start sewing it together right away and photograph where everything is in case it gets out of order (which is what I did with this quilt).

Below is the completed quilt in all it's glory. My mom came over and helped me finish it (actually she finished it for the most part by tying most of it and binding it while I made animal ears for a church pageant but I was there :)! Thank you Mom!!! I was going to present it to him as a Christmas present but couldn't wait so he got it on the Solstice - what better night to receive a quilt than on the longest night of the year.

I love to include a number of embroideries (I LOVE to do embroidery) in quilts that fit with the theme of the fabric. My oldest son LOVES the outdoors and animals so his quilt is in fall colors and speaks to the animals that roam our home state of Minnesota (including a few dogs - his favorite animal).

I tried to make the back as pleasing as the front so he can use either side on his bed. The back side is leaves and eagles.

Above is my favorite block. I did the same style of writing on my youngest's quilt and loved how it looked. It was such fun to do something freestyle. All the other embroideries are from embroidery patterns (there are appx. 8 embroideries in all on this quilt).

I was going to present it to him as a Christmas present but I couldn't wait (and neither could he) so he got it on the Solstice - what better night to receive a quilt than on the shortest night of the year!

One added note: I am very pleased to say that all the fabrics in this quilt and my youngest's quilt were fabrics from my stash or my mom's - nothing was purchased specifically for the quilts outside of the batting and some thread. Even the yarn to tie them was from my stash. I have another quilt top that was done the same way that I will report on once it is finishes. I call that one my Summer Quilt and is intended for use in our camper so I must have it finished by camping season.

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