Monday, January 24, 2011

Last Week In Review

 Last Monday and Tuesday my oldest didn't have school due to Martin Luther King Day and a staff development day so we came up with lots of fun things to do at home. Above is the start of a science project that we didn't quite complete but we did make our own compass which was fun for the big and the little.
There was also Playdough play which BOTH boys had fun with. Above is the oldest with his race car being driven by Sonic.
We also made some pendants and beads from sculpey clay using a tutorial I found online (and for the life of me now can't find!). My favorite is one where I used a walnut half and pressed it into the clay and used an acorn cap to pattern the sides. It kind of looks like a butt-shaped heart so wearing it is kinda out but I have turned it into a bookmark in my go-to recipe book (note to self: blog about that book later...) and I smile every time I see it.
On Wednesday we celebrated a birthday! My oldest is now in the double-digits! Yep - he is 10! So hard for this mama to believe. He is such an amazing kid! I hope we made his day special with a chocolate zucchini cake (with zucchini frozen from the summer), his choice for of meal for dinner - grilled cheese, french fries and raw cauliflower with ranch dip (I used to make my mom make beef stroganoff - I must be doing something right that he picked such an easy dinner for his mama to make :)!) and of course, presents. We wrapped up the week with him having a friend over for a sleepover and I know they both had fun!

As for other things that filled our days I was able to fit in some knitting - washcloths for myself (I found it funny that I make dishcloths to sell and as gifts yet don't make any for myself so I fixed that).
 My little spent every spare minute he could find coaxing me into doing puzzles. We did many over and over.
I also have a couple sewing projects now lined up waiting in the wings. Above is the start of my project bag. I am using some vintage feed sack scraps as a frame around the embroidery and absolutely love how it is going to look. I also have the supplies put aside to start making some market bags from vintage kitchen fabrics that I am going to put in the shop.  I am hoping to find some time this week to get those started.
I also did some other knitting in the form of hats - a hat for my little, a hat for our winter weather donation tree at church and started a hat for my big. In regards to my other WIPs posted about earlier, the Wallaby sweater is to the point where I need to add the sleeves so a trip to the knitting store is in order for a little instruction. I did finish the needle felted Snowy Owl (I think - I keep poking at it) but have yet to take a picture. I am feeling good about what is coming out of my little sewing room and off the needles but I do need to start working on things to sell. Hopefully, this week!

I have also started packing up the items I have been gathering for the big shop move. I did get out thrifting on Saturday and added a few more items to the shop fodder and hope to get out once or twice more before we move next week. I am getting really excited and hope that this move improves our traffic flow.

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  1. Hi there...I thought I'd take a peek after seeing you'd left a comment at my space. I love your embroidery!!! I am new at it, and I hope this lavender satchet is worthy. I also love the walls in your this your house? Beautiful. I'll be happy to keep visiting.
    xo Jules
    By the way, your children are so beautiful. What a happy home you seem to create.