Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year and The Holiday Season In A Nutshell

(Our 2 boys opening their goodies)

(Our Winter Solstice Ice Lantern)

(Over Thanksgiving our nephew (who has a degree in outdoor education)
took our 2 boys on a tracking hike up north - they had such fun!)

Happy New Year!!!!

As the Holiday season winds to a close I realize that my camera did not play a big part in the festivities. No pictures of most of the handmades - mocha mixes and hand rice warmers for 2 uncles and soup mixes for the other 2 uncles, handmade bath salts and handknit washclothes for the aunts, handknit slippers and an embroidery for my mom, a handknit scarf and owl ornament for one nephew and a handknit chapstick holder for another. All well received but alas no pictures. No pictures of all the wonderful food, no pictures of the 16 inches of snow that arrived between Thanksgiving and Christmas, no pictures of us just enjoying the time off from school and work. What I did get are above. One of my resolutions in the New Year are to remember to take more pictures :)!!!

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