Saturday, July 28, 2012

Market Day!

Today was another good day at the Goose Lake Winery Artisan & Farmer's Market! I have such fun going there!

I had a whirlwind sewing day on Friday so that I would have some new bags to bring and here they are...
A Western King flour bag with a blue and white gingham lining. My friend Zane (another vendor at the market) requested that I make some bags that would appeal to men so I did! Zane liked this one so much that he bought it! Thank you Zane!  I made three for the market two weeks ago and they all sold too (scroll to end of post for a few pictures of those)! 

A great bag aimed at the younger set. Features a vintage dresser linen with a horse and colt fabric-markered one half of the linen is on the front and the other half is the inside pocket. The striped fabric was once a pillowcase and the inside lining is a great piece of blue and pink remnant calico.

The embroidery on this one was one of four embroidered corners on an old tablecloth. Their were stains and holes all over but I was able to salvage all four  corners to use in my bags. The first is the lemon corner, complimented by a great gray and yellow vintage feedsack. The inside is some black and white gingham and a plain white flour sack.

Another Hubbard bag - this one featuring a menagerie of farm animals. The colors are nice and bright. What I love about these Hubbard bags is that the front and back are identical so I can get two bags from one sack. The inside of this one is a great bright yellow and white gingham. The outside is decorated with a vintage doily (covering a spot that was faded).

The last bag from one of my favorite tableclothes of all time! The bright pink poppies and olive green foliage are a fabulous color combination! I kept this one simple and didn't add any lace or doilies. I wanted the poppies to speak for themselves. The lining is my favorite olive green and white vintage gingham. I am at the tale end of this fabulous fabric and hope I find some more again someday!

And two bags from my previous batch...
A great bag using ultra-suede and an old banker's bag. The lining is a great ethnic inspired vintage print.
This one sold today! (Thanks Todd!)

One of the bags from two weeks ago. An Oneida feed sack with a red and white gingham lining. It sold it's first day out too! (Thanks Zane :) -!) 

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