Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Having Great Fun At The Sewing Machine!

I have been sewing so much this summer and am enjoying every minute I spend at my machine! Lots of bags being made and currently am working on some "dog show" pouches (more on those later) and an insulated lunch bag made vintage fabrics. Having "sew" much fun!

Here are some pics of some of my most recent bags. Yet to come are the bags I made and photographed last week. I also have 4 more finished this week that I will take pictures of on Saturday at the market.

A vintage Minneapolis Pillsbury flour sack.  Lined with a remaining bit of my favorite red daisy feedsack and some baby blue gingham. Decorated with coordinating yo-yos and vintage buttons on the front and a vintage doily and coordinating yo-yo and vintage button on the back. One of my favorite bags that I have made! And it sold the first day I had it at market!

My handbag style tote using a great piece of  vintage pastel floral fabric. Lined with yellow and white gingham. Trimmed with coordinating yo-yos and vintage buttons. 

Another of my handbag style totes. I made this one using a fabric from a 1970s tablecloth! Love it! Lined with green and white striped fabric. Trimmed with coordinating yo-yos and vintage buttons. 

A longer version of my handbag style bag. Made from vintage green and white gingham and the remaining bit of another favorite feedsack, violets. Trimmed with a vintage doily.

All photos were taken at the extremely photogenic Goose Lake Winery in Nowthen, MN.

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  1. Oh I love these, I so want to get back into my sewing but haven't had the time lately.