Thursday, July 12, 2012

Another Batch Of Bags Previewed At Last Week's Market

I am really having such fun at my machine. Here are pictures of the bags I previewed at last week's Goose Lake Artisan & Farmer's Market.
My Pretty Tulips On Parade bag! Created from a vintage tulip covered feed sack for the exterior and a vintage embroidered  towel for the inside. Trimmed with my signature coordinating yo-yos and vintage buttons.

Daffodils! Created from another vintage feed sack for the outside a pretty blue and
white sprigged repurposed fabric  for the lining.
Trimmed with a vintage doily, yo-yo and vintage button.
SOLD the first day out!
A great bag made using a pink carnation covered fabric I found at a farm sale. Topped with a salvaged piece of vintage embroidery (the other half is the inside pocket). The center of the embroidery had holes and stains so this was a great way to save someone's long ago hard hand work and give it new life. The inside is lined with a pink and white gingham.

Poppies! I love this bag! It was created from an old tablecloth (I have enough for one more bag),
vintage lace and vintage olive green and white gingham.
This one SOLD to the first day it was out! Yeah!

Another bag created using a piece of embroidery that had holes or stains that I was able to work around. The cute yellow butterfly is accompanied by three vintage yellow buttons, one of which is covering a mended little hole. The rest of the bag is made from vintage blue and white gingham and a fabulous blue and yellow flower sprigged calico. I wish I had more of this one! The pocket is created from a piece of the gingham where someone started to do chicken scratch embroidery but never finished. I love these little pieces of history where I am giving past new life.

Another Hubbard Sunshine bag. My first one sold so I decided another one was in order using the other half of the feed sack. These sacks are awesome because the exact same image is on both sides and they are large bags so I get two bags from each feed sack. The lining is an old green tablecloth and the pocket and part of the straps are a repurposed Laura Ashley pillow sham I found at an estate sale. Trimmed with two small vintage doilies.

My visitor through most of last Saturday's market. My mom made me take a picture because at home I work with a yellow lab at my feet and this guy decided I needed him to keep me company...laying at my feet.

I have 5 more bags already made to be previewed this week! Four of them made with men in mind.  One of them is a new design involving an old canvas money bag and ultrasuede. Very cool!
Stop by and take a peak! I will be taking photos at the market and will share them here next week.

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