Saturday, July 28, 2012

Where Has The Time Gone!

I feel like I am sprinting at a amazing pace and yet not getting any one thing done to where I feel like I have accomplished something. The house is a mess, I have loads of laundry and work to do, baseball season will end just as football begins and our busiest month of the summer is just ahead of us. Whew!

Last weekend we went camping and had a wonderful time at a small town festival with friends. Nothing like home grown, homemade food, a small town parade, a tractor pull and great company!

A small town parade is not complete without a vintage fire truck...

or a gopher (at least in Minnesota - we are the Gopher State after all)

A small town parade must have a tractor (or 10)!

And looks of awe on a child's face (or maybe that's the 10 pieces of candy talking).

The kids at work shucking corn. They had a blast throwing the husks at each other.

 And a little time was saved for a little R&R at the pond. Way too much fun (and food) was had!

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