Saturday, February 2, 2013

Towel To Tote

Last summer, I picked up a fabulous linen towel at a garage sale. It has a London double decker bus on it which read "Visit London". Along the sides, the Underground symbol was repeated over and over. Upon seeing it, I just knew it would be a fun tote. And it is! This past week I started it and finally finished it up today. I lined it with red gingham and I love how it all turned out. I used the Underground edges as the straps and the front half of the bus is the front of the bag and the back half the back of the bag. Inside there are pockets on each side divided into 5 compartments. I love when I visualize something at a sale and then actually turn around and make it come to life. So fun! Now if I can do the same for the little items I bought at the thrift store today...we shall see :)!

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