Monday, February 4, 2013

A New Necklace

On almost a daily basis, I dig through my various button boxes and tins looking for just the right button for my current project. It always amazes me how many times I go through it and how often I run across something I don't ever recall seeing before or I run across something I have seen many, many times before but had no use for. This past week I had one of those days. You see, my button containers are mainly filled with buttons but all kinds of other little things make their way in there. This week as I dug for just the right button, I ran across an old key, a brass ring and a button missing it's back loop. A light bulb went off! A pendant in the popular steam-punk style! I took the ring and opened it just enough to slide the key on. I then hot-glued the button on to the key. Wahla! A pendant! I currently don't have a chain that will work but I had some hemp cord that is standing in for now. I love how it turned out! I will be sporting it this coming Thursday night at the Ladies Night event in Dayton.

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