Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Studio Action!

Have spent some time this past week sewing as well as listing "new" vintage goodies on Etsy.  Feels good to work. Have a couple school breaks coming up so trying to fit in as much as I can now so I can enjoy the days my boys are home for the President's holiday as well as be all set for our family vacation to Arizona come Spring Break time (have a wonderful journal idea planned for the trip - stay tuned!).

The two bags I finished are made from old vintage feedsacks - one my MIL picked up and the other I picked up at The Thrift Cellar here in town (love that place!).

The first one is made from a Certified Alfalfa Seed bag. It had a large stain that I was able to work around and for $3.99 I couldn't go wrong!

Not too happy with the going to keep looking...
A Certified Alfalfa seed bag purchased at The Thrift Cellar here in town. The doilies were purchased at a thrift store in a neighboring town (another favorite!) and are strategically placed to cover up stains (these old bags are bound to have them :)!). The vintage buttons are from my stash. Wondering if I should embroider stems on the flowers....

The back of the bag...I had to do a little piecing. I try to use as much of the bag as possible across the front and back and sometimes in the pockets. A doily and button from my stash. The straps use the same floral feeddsack from the inside and I had to use some vintage flour sacking from my stash for the other side of the strap. The white's matched so it all worked out.
The inside of the bag is a lovely vintage floral feedsack (I think - same era at least). One of the blues matches the blue from the front perfectly and the red and green ad great color. There are two pockets - one small and one large. Each made from a bit of the sack that was left and trimmed on top with more of the floral.

Bag #2 came from my mother-in-law and I just LOVE the graphics! This one has been sitting in my stash (not so) patiently waiting for me to find just the right shade of red gingham.

The bag is a Red Comb Chick Starter bag. Just LOVE that rooster!!!
The back of the bag list the dealer - Hales & Hunter Co. out of Chicago, IL.
 I just love what it says, "Quality Poultry Eggs In The Making.
I decorated the back with a couple vintage doilies and two red vintage buttons from my stash. Still trying to decide if it works...

The inside is a vintage red gingham and the pocket is pieced using the weight line from the feedsack, a strip of gingham and a piece of the flour sack I used to make the straps in Bag #1. It is one big pocket divided into three sections.

That fabulous rooster!!!

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