Monday, February 25, 2013

A Favorite Find

Owls have long been a favorite of mine. I love their wise, peaceful look. The owl was also the symbol of the most influential class I took in college - Paideia, a class all Freshman at my small Iowa college had to attend. We all learned (and suffered :) ) together and I walked away a better student and person.

I have a small collection of owls...but they have to have just the right feel. This one is perfect!

He stands 5" tall and has a smooth, glazed body and a fabulous unglazed textured face. He is wonderful! I got him at my favorite thrift store for 19 cents (yep!). I found him online and discovered he was made by a pottery in Maine. I love him and he now has a permanent home on my desk where I can look at him while I work.

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