Thursday, April 19, 2012

A Creative Day!

Strawberry Cream Jam Tart Pin Cushion!
I make these from old crocheted pot holders that have lived their previous lives as the top of the insert
and old metal jello molds as the base. I top them off with a vintage button.
 I had a amazingly productive day yesterday in the sewing room! Quite a few smaller projects that I have been wanting to do are finally done.
(Please excuse the photos. The sun just didn't want to cooperate and my photo program didn't help.)
Mixed Fruit Jam Tart Pin Cushion

Yet unnamed pin cushion - this one is my favorite! I used an old metal tart mold
with a fabulous patina as the base and the crocheted  pot holder I used was destined for the trash bin
as it was missing the bottom corner.
I love that these old things have a brand new use!

A vintage teacup from Salvation Army for 25 cents! The cup has quite a bit of crazing so I am giving it new life as a pincushion. The fabric for the insert is a reproduction of an old vintage fabric. It is topped off with another vintage button from my stash.

The next items were all made from the old tablecloth above that I got at an estate sale for  $1. It is quite stained as you can see in one of the photos farther down so it didn't work for a table anymore but the number of projects I will be able to get from it will be amazing! (Some of the plain white pieces were also used in each of the pin cushions pictured above.)

A pin cushion from one small portion of the tablecloth.
The mold is an old tart mold that someone painted white once upon a time.

Two wall hanging using corners off the tablecloth secured into
embroidery hoops I bought at Goodwill for 25 cents apiece.

The pieces created so far plus a piece that is destined to become a couple pins.

One of the center appliques. I can't wait to find a use for this wonderful section!

I am hoping to set up a table of my handmades a couple Saturday's this summer at a local winery's weekly Artisan Market. Hopefully I can get all the paperwork squared away in time for the first market on May 5th.
The new pin cushions, some hand made wool felt carrots and some doll or teddy bear sweaters.
You can see at the back right a bit of a felt food breakfast set (I have bag lunch felt sets as well).

I am hoping to include some of my totes that I make from vintage materials, some hand knits (hats, doll sweaters and washcloth's and keepers) and some smalls like these pin cushions I just made. I will post pics of what I plan on bringing and the location when all is finalized in case any readers are from the Twin Cities area and are interested in a fun way to spend a Saturday.

Knitted washcloth's and their accompanying "keepers"
(I have a couple more almost done in a couple other color schemes).
They make great housewarming or hostess gifts!

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  1. Hello sweet Carrie! Wow! dear friend, you had a very productive day in the sewing room! You are so creative and I love all of your gorgeous pin cushions! How wonderful you used pretties that had a bit of damage and turned them into beautiful treasure that can be used daily! I love how you used the tart pans and a teacup! Brilliant! The tablecloth is beautiful too, and I love how you put those pretty pieces in the hoops! Your knitted cloths are lovely too! All of your handmades are going to sell very well! I so wish we could come up there and go to the Artisan Market and meet you in person! Have a wonderful weekend! xo~Paula ... thank you for the lovely comment on my blog! Oh, how sweet your son is named Teddy! What is your favorite color sweetie? Have you ever tried the David Austin roses? They are easy to grow and very disease resistance!