Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Thrift Update - April 9

This past week was a no go for estate sales but I did find a great garage sale and a couple of ok ones. The GREAT garage sale was a long time collector who was parting with a LOT of stuff for meer pennies! I did get some nice things but noticed the piles of some others who got there just a bit before me that made me drool! I did get some nice Christmas ornaments (including the adorable elf in lovely condition), quite a few nice linens (some already in the wash so not pictured), two sewing machine drawers, some sheet music, and a couple cookbooks. Not bad. At a couple other sales I picked up the pile of vintage lace (for $1) and the wool thread as well as the Trixie Belden book for my niece's upcoming birthday.
The (almost) total haul.

The Christmas ornaments and a great Asian wood carving (that will be living here for awhile)

A lovely doily that is being added to Etsy tonight.

A great Christmas hankie in lovely condition and a very nice pair of gloves with a pearl edge.

A lovely pile of vintage lace - all for $1.

A few misc. doily pieces and some sheet music.
I don't plan on getting to many, if any, sales this week as I am getting ready for a garage sale. Really NEED to get rid of some stuff before I add more. Feeling a little overwhelmed. I know that you have to buy to make in this reselling business but I am feeling a little weighed down. Our lives have moved out of doors so much more at this time of year that the amount of time I have at the computer is minimal and when I do have time it is at night when I am feeling bone tired and just want to curl up with my book, read a page and fall asleep. Hopefully, after the garage sale next week (I am praying for good weather) and the flea market sale on May 12th I will start to feel like I have a better handle on things.

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  1. I just started picking up knee huggers this Christmas, I would have bought that one!

  2. More fantastic finds! You have a wonderful eye sweet Carrie! I hope your garage sale went well! Love, Paula