Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Today My Baby Turned 5!

Today my baby turned 5! 

While he will always be my baby and is still just a little boy, so many milestones are being reached, so much growing is being done and time is moving much to quickly.

Five years ago today, I was scared as I watched my 4 lb 12 oz second son, our much anticipated and long awaited second child (there are 6 years between my boys), rest in his isolette in the Special Care nursery in the hospital where he was born. He was breathing on his own but his sugar level was off and he was jaundice. He spent a week there before we were able to bring him home, but once we did he has been a non-stop amazement. Crawling at 7 months, walking at 11 months and talking as much as he could as fast as he could from early on (not that we could understand him :) ).

Today, he is a never ending source of energy and amazement! He is stubborn and independent yet loves to cuddle and give and receive hugs. He has grown an inch and a half since Christmas, has mastered a cartwheel and whistling, and, just today, learned that climbing trees (actually it was more a bush (lilac), but he doesn't need to know that) is a load of fun. He spent his birthday today soaking in the sun, using his imagination, planning his birthday menu (homemade macaroni and cheese, cherry tomatoes, strawberries, hot dogs and a chocolate cake decorated like a football field with a "T" in the middle), helping bake his cake and attending his very first t-ball practice (which he proclaimed was a lot of fun!) Of course, there were also presents including a pirates cutlass from Frost Lane on Etsy, Glob paint, a kickball, new headphones for his mp3 player (this boy loves his country music!) and needlefelting tools! This weekend we even have more fun activities planned, including another first - bowling!

To him I wish a lifetime of adventure, the ever present gift of his amazing imagination and, most of all, people who will always surround him with love and encouragement. Happy birthday baby - I love you!

(Birthday photos by Big Brother!)

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  1. What a beautiful post sweet Carrie! Your baby boy is so sweet and handsome! I am so thankful all is well with him and he is a healthy, happy boy! His birthday sounds wonderful and fun! I can see he is a good helper too! My sweet son is 16 and he will always be my baby as well! I hope you all have fun bowling and have a very happy Easter! Love, Paula