Monday, April 16, 2012

A Trip On A Train To See The Twins!

On Saturday the 4 of us boarded the local commuter train (which we can catch just 5 minutes from our house) and took it to Target Field in downtown Minneapolis to watch the Twins play the Texas Rangers. What a wonderful day!

The train dropped us off right at the field! What a relaxing way to get there. (Hubby and I decided we really need to plan a train trip for the near future - most likely to Glacier where our nephew is a Park Ranger.)

My first ride on a train!

Looking cool! You know he is 11 after all and really try's hard not to look excited, about anything...although he had a hard time containing his excitement throughout the day. It was just too fun a day!

Target Field - Home of the Minnesota Twins! This brand new field just opened last year! So fun to watch a professional game outside! (The Twins used to share the Dome with the Vikings.) It felt like we were at a big party! 
We had amazing seats - right behind 3rd base - 8 rows up from the field.
You have to have a hot dog at a baseball game!

Wearing most of our ketchup on our face (and hat and pants and....) And forgive the Yankees cap - we have loads of Twins shirts but no hats. We thought he should wear his Darth Vader cap - but this is the one he had to wear. He did get a little flack for  it  :)!

The Twins lost 2 to 6 but we had fun! Considering the original forecast called for rain and the day ended up to be clear-skied and 70 we couldn't have asked for a better day!

The train ride home - the mighty Mississippi and the Hennepin Street Bridge.

An old train on a neighboring track.

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  1. Hi sweet Carrie! What a fun day! The train ride looks wonderful and your boys are so handsome! I am so glad you all enjoyed the game! The photos are fabulous! Love, Paula