Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Pictures From Our Spring

So sorry it has been awhile since my last post! The busyness of Spring has hit our household full force! Between baseball, a garage sale last week, gardening and getting ready for an artisan market AND flea market, my computer time has been cut way down. But tonight I am making time! I added a few things to Etsy and thought I would now share a few pictures of this past week of our Spring.

New herbs added yesterday - parsley. sage. chocolate mint and, my favorite, lemon thyme.
 Also added to this bed - two cabbage plants.

Tomatoes, jalapenos, cucumber and sweet woodruff waiting to be planted.

The compost bucket sporting it's own signs of spring -
rhubarb ends and a past it's prime bouquet of rhodendron flowers

A sewing project for this weekend's artisan market - more on that a little later this week. 
A bouquet of my favorite spring flowers sitting by my kitchen sink where I can smell the lilies-of-the-valley while I do the dishes.

The Little trying on his very first uniform! Ain't he cute!!! 
The Big practicing with his team. First game Friday night!
We have baseball 12 days in a row starting this past Sunday!

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  1. Hi sweet Carrie! It is so good to "see" you again! Your garden is lovely! Oh, fresh herbs from your own garden is a delight! Your sewing project looks wonderful and your flowers are gorgeous! The little is very cute and looks so dapper in his new uniform! I can see how happy he is! The big looks like he is having fun! You have been busy with baseball! You are a very good mom! Love and many blessings to you sweet friend! xo~Paula