Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Spring Garden Update

Our spring garden is coming along - radishes, beets, carrots, lettuce and peas appearing in the spring bed. Mother Nature already had her way with my garden though in the form of a rabbit dining on my cabbage and broccoli transplants. They have now been replaced with seeds planted and a dosing of cayenne pepper over the entire bed to deter the little buggers since the fence appears to be useless...
Spring bed


Peas (and an unidentifiable weed...)

Asparagus! YEAH! And this year will be the first year we can harvest. The Little and I are so excited.

Horseradish (and plenty to share)! Will be contacting gardening friends and seeing if they want some.

Garlic coming along swimmingly. Really can't wait for the scapes!

My garden helper - isn't he cute!
We are still working on his garden etiquette though in regards to where he places his really big yellow paws...

Strawberries - runners being sent out all over. Hopefully it will be our best harvest year yet!

Also planted some cilantro and parsley seeds - first time trying these from seed. We shall see! Also planted kale and something else that I can't remember in the spring bed.

Potatoes and onion purchased today to at the feed store so we can get those planted on Good Friday.

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  1. Hi sweet Carrie! Your garden is coming along beautifully! This summer you will have so many good things to eat! Your garden buddy is adorable!!! What a sweetie he is! Very cute, indeed! Isn't it funny we both shared photos of our doggies in the garden with us? :) I hope your planting goes well on Good Friday! Have a beautiful Easter sweet friend! Love, Paula