Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Transportation Themed Weekend in Duluth

Our future captain at the Maritime Museum in Canal Park
This past weekend we headed up to Duluth for the Air Show. My aunt and uncle live right by the airport so we had a lovely family gathering while the plane's flew over. My hubby and 2 littles as well as my dad and my brother and his family went to the airport to see the show up close and personal and had a wonderful time! The Tora! Tora! Tora! show and the Thunderbirds were the highlights (although the littles didn't make it to the Thunderbirds - but considering they did make it 5 hours there is quite a fete). We decided to make it a "Transportation Weekend" by adding on a visit to The Depot where you can see trains from all different types and periods as well as a good amount of time spent at Canal Park at the Maritime Museum and watching 2 big ships come in (as well as having a picnic, walking to the lighthouse and chasing the many seagulls). Round the trip out with a swim in Lake Superior (the kids thought the water was just fine at the recorded 58 degrees - I love Minnesota kids :)!) and lots of time spent in the hotel pool. It was a wonderful weekend and our 3 year old is already planning the itinerary for our next weekend up there!

The Depot

Swimming in Lake Superior

A ship passing under the Aerial Bridge

The Thunderbirds

Our future NASCAR driver

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